The Neural Aesthetic @ SchoolOfMa, Summer 2016

Course taught by @genekogan

Machine learning for artists
7/4/2016 [download]
  • Hype and history of machine learning
  • Overview of neural networks
  • Applications of neural networks
  • Survey of recent ML-inspired artworks
Neural networks
7/5/2016 [download]
  • How neural networks work
  • Overview of convolutional neural nets
  • Visualizing convnets
Convolutional neural networks + t-SNE
7/6/2016 [download]
  • How convolutional neural networks work
  • Overview of recurrent neural networks
  • Embedding images, text, and audio with t-SNE
  • Image t-SNE tutorial
Trolley problem, discussion {poor audio}
7/7/2016 [download]
  • Trolley problem {poor audio}
  • Ethical dilemmas and critical issues in AI
  • Democratizing AI research
Wekinator, real-time applications of neural nets
7/18/2016 [download]
  • Real-time interaction with ML via Wekinator
  • Wekinator examples and modules
  • Transfer learning with ConvnetOSC and Wekinator
Applications of convnets
7/19/2016 [download]
  • Visualizing convnets and interpreting activations
  • Deepdream, style transfer, and other convnet visual applications
  • neural-style tutorial
Recurrent neural networks
7/20/2016 [download]
  • How recurrent neural networks work
  • Applications and artworks with RNNs and LSTMs
  • Dense captioninig and advanced architectures
Game AI & reinforcement learning
7/21/2016 [download]
  • Reinforcement learning
  • Convnets playing Atari games
  • DeepBlue and AlphaGo