ITP Camp session @ ITP-NYU, June 2016

One-day workshop taught by @genekogan

The Neural Aesthetic
  • Theory of neural networks
  • Applications of convnets (deepdream, style transfer, etc)
  • Survey of sub-topics and practical resources
  • ml4a and how to keep up with the field

Machine Learning for Artists @ ITP-NYU, Spring 2016

Course taught by @genekogan

Introduction, neural networks
  • Introduction to machine learning
  • The whole class in 1 hour
  • Introduction to neural networks
Applications, Wekinator
  • Practical resources for simple neural nets
  • Implementing neural nets in openFrameworks
  • Introduction to Wekinator
Convolutional neural networks
  • Critical issues in AI
  • More advanced Wekinator examples
  • Introduction to convolutional neural networks
Convnet applications
  • Interpreting and visualizing convnet activations
  • Image class synthesis, deepdream, style transfer
  • Transfer learning
  • t-SNE for visualizing images, text
Recurrent neural networks
  • How recurrent neural networks work
  • Applications, architectures, and case studies of RNNs
  • Tutorial: generating text
  • Tutorial: style transfer
Game AI and deep reinforcement learning
  • Generative models (autoencoders + GANs)
  • Game AI + reinforcement learning
  • Convnets mastering atari games
  • Computer chess & computer go, how AlphaGo works